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Once dog owners see how their dogs love our bully sticks they immediately want to order more. That’s why we decided to include this offer here. Now you can save big on a full order of bully sticks. Just click the button on this page to receive a box of 20 bully sticks for just $75 – that’s 50% off the regular price of $150.

Bully Sticks Are a Safe, Healthy Treat!

There is a reason why experts everywhere, including the American Kennel Club, recommend bully sticks for dogs – because they are a great treat.

One of the many advantages of these sticks – besides their great taste – is that they do not splinter. Chewing on a bully stick is also a great way for a dog to improve its dental health. Your dog will think they are getting a treat but you’ll be happy that they are improving the health of their teeth.

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