Let us take the headache out of puppy training for you!

Puppy Kindergarten® Training

Puppy Kindergarten ®

Let us help make life easier on you and jumpstart your puppy’s behavior off to the right start! Our comprehensive training program focuses on the core issues an owner will face when a puppy first enters the home – potty training, crate training, leash training, safe socialization, puppy handling, establishing a routine and much more. The earlier you start training, the easier it will be.

Puppy Prep:

One-on-one consultation with the trainer and the new puppy owners on what to expect when puppy arrives home and supplies needed.

Puppy Kindergarten ® Curriculum:

Potty Training:

Building the foundation of consistent reinforcement and routine of training your dog to go to the potty outside.

Crate Training:

Introducing the puppy to the crate. This helps establish the crate as a safe and welcoming place the puppy can feel secure.

Leash Training:

Introduce him to the collar or harness and leash. Creating skills that will allow him to walk comfortably without pulling.

Safe Socialization:

Includes socialization to people and other animals in a safe environment, introducing new environments and how to throw a puppy party.

Basic Command Training:

Introducing puppy to basic commands like potty command, crate command, name recognition, "sit" and "down".

Puppy Kindergarten® is designed to ensure that your puppy receives urgent training at the earliest possible time. All of these training issues are imperative and should be introduced within the first three months of life.

Virtual Support:

One month of free virtual support to the family once the puppy finishes the Puppy Kindergarten program.

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Dog Training Memberships:

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About Us

My name is Courtney Boeglen and as far back as I can remember, I have had a lifelong passion for all animals. Throughout my journey I learned to love and care for all animals in all walks of life. I have an amazing husband and three wonderful children.

My goal has always been to raise my three children the best way possible. It might sound crazy, but here is an insider’s tip - little children and puppies are remarkably similar in so many ways. Children need nurturing, guidance, obedience, and structure to grow up and have the best chance for success in life. Puppies need these basic life principles as well.

I had this belief that if puppies came with a step by step guide with instructions, then new pet parents and families would experience better animal ownership. I then set out to create a training curriculum that explains exactly what to do with your new puppy. That led me to create Puppy Kindergarten®, to help provide new puppy parents with this proven training method in their everyday life.

As a puppy trainer and animal enthusiast I will break down your puppy’s behavior into an easy to understand language and explain how the use of a good schedule in your puppy’s life can set the foundation for long lasting good habits for your puppy and help families experience better animal ownership. My hope is that by sharing what I have learned over my many years as a dog trainer, I can help families enjoy better canine companionship.

The growth of Puppy Kindergarten® has now grown to include my wonderful team. I have hand selected and trained our team members in the proven Puppy Kindergarten® method to become Fully Certified Puppy Kindergarten® Trainers. We work together as an extended family, to fully develop your puppy’s behavior, during their time here at Puppy Kindergarten®. I am so excited that our family gets to help your family welcome its newest member into their “furever” home.

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I can’t rave enough about my experience with Courtney and her team. My little Cavapoo Harper went to Puppy Kindergarten straight from her breeder at around 12 weeks old.

Before Harper began, Courtney herself called me for a one on one consultation and walked me through the course along with milestones they hoped to achieve with Harper in their care.

She took Harper into her home, made sure she made all her scheduled vet visits, emailed me photos and videos up to 3 times a week with a summary of Harper’s progress. Harper arrived to me crate trained to sleep through the night, knowing her name, and the potty command. I was given a schedule to follow to keep her 5 weeks of training on track. Courtney welcomed any questions even after training was over and was always just a phone call away.

Harper is now almost 8 months and hasn’t had an accident in almost three months! Even when she isn’t feeling well she let’s me know she has to potty. Thank you so much to Courtney and her team, they made this first time dog owner’s life so much easier!

Marti Hines

Thank you so much … Peppa is awesome; she is doing really well and adjusting. She is giving our Teddy a run for his money which is awesome. Please give our trainer our thanks for doing a great job with Peppa, crate, potty and overall training. I am so glad we had Peppa in Puppy Kindergarten. Good choice.

Again our thanks

Monika Rivera

Hi there. I’m sending you our picture of Zoey formerly known as Fantasia of the beautiful litter born on 1/18/21.

I can’t even begin to tell you the joy happiness and love she has brought into our life. Plus she has the funniest personality that’s such a gift to us because she has returned laughter into our home. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ She is thriving and fabulous. … Thank you!! We are grateful to you!!!

Janet Perelmut

To begin with I LOVE Courtney! She is amazing and I will use her again with no questions if and when we add to our fur family!

Courtney was so precious and loving with our little girl Ellie. She really made outstanding progress with such a tiny tot… Ellie went to Courtney’s when she was 8 weeks old and stayed with her for 3 weeks. During that time she worked on crate training, sitting, socialization, etc.

After Ellie left Courtney to come home, she spent the night with the stork and the next day was her travel day…well, her travel arrangements changed due to weather and there were a few days that she was staying with yet another “new person” I can only imagine how stressful this may have been for her. I called Courtney concerned about Ellie and concerned about her loosing the progress she so diligently worked on with her.

Courtney was amazing, she called and spent time on the phone with me discussing my concerns. She spent time giving me suggestions and calming my fears! When Ellie finally arrived home, she was exhibiting signs of stress, so I reached out to Courtney and she was yet again such a blessing. She spent so much time talking me through everything, helping me to help Ellie. In the matter of 2 days we were back on track!

She certainly did not have to do this and give me so much time, however, it was obvious that she was sincerely invested in the success of this little love of mine!

One thing that I can say for sure, she really loved my little girl as if she was her own fur baby. Courtney has so much structure and really knows these pups. Her methods are wonderful, loving and proven and her efforts were worth every penny! I even joked with her and asked her if she trained kids.

She was a God send and taught me so much. Ellie is not my first pup, but being a new breed to me I wanted to do the best I could for her and Courtney was a tremendous help.

If anyone ever has any questions and would like to talk to me personally I would be more than happy to give a recommendation!

Thank you again for everything,

Suz’anne Hawkins

It is coming up on 1 year that we have had Dwight! He has been absolutely amazing. Wouldn’t change him for the world. 😊 We would definitely recommend the training to anyone within your program. The strict schedule definitely did work! The potty training is the biggest advantage we would say. Dwight has had only 3 accidents in 1 year! … Courtney was great to work with and [is] very friendly.

Dan Mattioli

We highly recommend Courtney for puppy kindergarten training. She did a wonderful job getting our puppy on a schedule and introducing her to new things. We are absolutely in love with our precious puppy. She is sweet, calm, smart and cuddly.

Melissa Murphy

We enjoyed working with Courtney. She certainly helped with house training and name recognition. She gave us great advice for crate training. She made a huge difference in our transition with a new puppy.

Thank you Courtney

Mary Hull and Sandy Frazier

Puppy Kindergarten® Benefits

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Clients love getting a puppy that is crate trained and sleeps through the night.

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With our proven method we take the guesswork out of potty training your puppy.

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We can help every new owner have a well-behaved puppy in as little as two to three weeks.

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Puppy Kindergarten® Journey

The natural growth of your puppy will come in stages during their stay at Puppy Kindergarten®.

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Settling Into Environment

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Picking Up The New Routine

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Reinforcing The Routine

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Perfecting The Routine

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you package Puppy Kindergarten®?

Puppy Kindergarten® is sold in weeks of training. One week is minimum with a maximum of four weeks. Take the quiz and schedule a call to discuss the puppy specifically.

What will your dog learn in Puppy Kindergarten®?

  • Potty Training: Building the foundation of consistent reinforcement and routine of training your dog to go to the potty outside.
  • Crate Training: Introducing the puppy to the crate. This helps establish the crate as a safe and welcoming place the puppy can feel secure.
  • Leash Training: Introduce him to the collar or harness and leash. Creating skills that will allow him to walk comfortably without pulling.
  • Safe Socialization: Includes socialization to people, introducing new environments and how to throw a puppy party.
  • Puppy Handling: Preparing your puppy for handling by veterinarians, groomers, and others.

What can I expect covered in week one?

  • ​Your puppy will learn to sleep in their crate. That includes various naptimes throughout the day and bedtime at night.
  • ​Your puppy will learn that the only place to go to the bathroom is outside.
  • ​Your puppy will learn to be independent away from their litter mates.
  • ​Your puppy will learn to be properly handled including (rubbing their ears, rubbing their paws, cradling puppy, rolling puppy on their back, brushing your puppy, etc)
  • ​Your puppy will learn to be social with others (puppies, children, etc.).
  • ​Your puppy will be introduced to its name
  • ​Your puppy will need two nighttime potty breaks

What can I expect covered in week two?

  • ​Everything from week one will continue
  • ​Your puppy will improve on bladder control
  • ​Your puppy will learn name recognition
  • ​Your puppy will be introduced to the harness
  • ​Your puppy will need one nighttime potty break

What can I expect covered in week three?

  • ​Everything from week two will continue
  • ​Your puppy will sleep through the night without a potty break
  • ​Your puppy will learn to walk calmly be fully comfortable on a harness

What can I expect covered in week four?

  • ​Improvements from week three and beyond​

How will I get the puppy to/from you?

  • ​We are located in Mooresville, NC and can arrange to meet at an agreed upon location.
  • ​Another great option is to have your puppy delivered to your doorstep. The delivery fee is $1.50 per mile for live animal transport (industry standard). Most people choose that option out of convenience, but some people like to drive.
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Get a Price

Please schedule a call with Courtney and find out more about Puppy Kindergarten®.