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Get Your Puppy Under Control
Without Stressing Yourself Out

Puppies are often wild and undisciplined and may even display aggressive behavior. So how do you get all of that under control without stressing yourself out? And how do you do it quickly because the longer your puppy has bad behaviors, the harder it is to correct them?

With the Puppy Kindergarten® Academy you’ll learn how to get a well-trained, well-behaved dog fast … without getting trainer certification yourself and without taking up all your valuable time.

Two Convenient Training Options to Choose From:

Either way you choose... we have you covered!

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Option 1: Full Service Done For You In Trainer's Home

Puppy Kindergarten®Board
and Train

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Option 2: Done With You Virtually In Your Home

Puppy Kindergarten®

About Us

My name is Courtney Boeglen and as far back as I can remember, I have had a lifelong passion for all animals. Throughout my journey I learned to love and care for all animals in all walks of life. I have an amazing husband and three wonderful children.

My goal has always been to raise my three children the best way possible. It might sound crazy, but here is an insider’s tip - little children and puppies are remarkably similar in so many ways. Children need nurturing, guidance, obedience, and structure to grow up and have the best chance for success in life. Puppies need these basic life principles as well.

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I can’t rave enough about my experience with Courtney and her team. My little Cavapoo Harper went to Puppy Kindergarten straight from her breeder at around 12 weeks old.Before Harper began, Courtney herself called me for a one on one consultation and walked me through the course along with milestones they hoped to achieve with Harper in their care.She took Harper into her home, made sure she made all her scheduled vet visits, emailed me photos and videos up to 3 times a week with a summary of Harper’s progress. Harper arrived to me crate trained to sleep through the night, knowing her name, and the potty command. I was given a schedule to follow to keep her 5 weeks of training on track. Courtney welcomed any questions even after training was over and was always just a phone call away.Harper is now almost 8 months and hasn’t had an accident in almost three months! Even when she isn’t feeling well she let’s me know she has to potty. Thank you so much to Courtney and her team, they made this first time dog owner’s life so much easier!

-Marti Hines

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Courtney,Thank you so much … Peppa is awesome; she is doing really well and adjusting. She is giving our Teddy a run for his money which is awesome. Please give our trainer our thanks for doing a great job with Peppa, crate, potty and overall training. I am so glad we had Peppa in Puppy Kindergarten. Good choice.Again our thanks

-Monika Rivera

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Hi there. I’m sending you our picture of Zoey formerly known as Fantasia of the beautiful litter born on 1/18/21.I can’t even begin to tell you the joy happiness and love she has brought into our life. Plus she has the funniest personality that’s such a gift to us because she has returned laughter into our home. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ She is thriving and fabulous. … Thank you!! We are grateful to you!!!

-Janet Perelmut

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To begin with I LOVE Courtney! She is amazing and I will use her again with no questions if and when we add to our fur family!Courtney was so precious and loving with our little girl Ellie. She really made outstanding progress with such a tiny tot… Ellie went to Courtney’s when she was 8 weeks old and stayed with her for 3 weeks. During that time she worked on crate training, sitting, socialization, etc.After Ellie left Courtney to come home, she spent the night with the stork and the next day was her travel day…well, her travel arrangements changed due to weather and there were a few days that she was staying with yet another “new person” I can only imagine how stressful this may have been for her. I called Courtney concerned about Ellie and concerned about her loosing the progress she so diligently worked on with her.Courtney was amazing, she called and spent time on the phone with me discussing my concerns. She spent time giving me suggestions and calming my fears! When Ellie finally arrived home, she was exhibiting signs of stress, so I reached out to Courtney and she was yet again such a blessing. She spent so much time talking me through everything, helping me to help Ellie. In the matter of 2 days we were back on track!She certainly did not have to do this and give me so much time, however, it was obvious that she was sincerely invested in the success of this little love of mine!One thing that I can say for sure, she really loved my little girl as if she was her own fur baby. Courtney has so much structure and really knows these pups. Her methods are wonderful, loving and proven and her efforts were worth every penny! I even joked with her and asked her if she trained kids.She was a God send and taught me so much. Ellie is not my first pup, but being a new breed to me I wanted to do the best I could for her and Courtney was a tremendous help.If anyone ever has any questions and would like to talk to me personally I would be more than happy to give a recommendation!

- Suz’anne Hawkins

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It is coming up on 1 year that we have had Dwight! He has been absolutely amazing. Wouldn’t change him for the world. 😊 We would definitely recommend the training to anyone within your program. The strict schedule definitely did work! The potty training is the biggest advantage we would say. Dwight has had only 3 accidents in 1 year! … Courtney was great to work with and [is] very friendly.

-Dan Mattioli

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We highly recommend Courtney for puppy kindergarten training. She did a wonderful job getting our puppy on a schedule and introducing her to new things. We are absolutely in love with our precious puppy. She is sweet, calm, smart and cuddly.

-Melissa Murphy

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We enjoyed working with Courtney. She certainly helped with house training and name recognition. She gave us great advice for crate training. She made a huge difference in our transition with a new puppy.Thank you Courtney

-Mary Hull and Sandy Frazier

Housebreak And Crate Train Your Puppy
in as Little as One Week!

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Own A Puppy That Sleeps Peacefully Through the Night in A Crate Without Any Potty Accidents!

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Own A Socialized Puppy That Listens to Commands and Gets Along Well with Family Members, Visitors & Other Dogs

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Have A Puppy That Improves the Emotional and Physical Well-being of Yourself and Your Entire Family

Choose the Convenient Training Solution That is
Right for You & Your Dog!

If you want to teach your puppy to actually want to potty outside each and every time, to love their crate so much they are eager to go inside, and to safely socialize with other dogs, kids and strangers... then Puppy Kindergarten® Academy is definitely for you.

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